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Firearm Appraisal - In Person
Mfg: 3GuySupply

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Want to sell your firearm, but not sure how much to ask?

Or, maybe you need to identify a value of your firearm, for insurance purposes?

3 Guy Supply can help.

For a small fee, we will accept the information you know about the firearm (how many owners, how many rounds through it, and photographs), and we'll do the leg-work to get you a fair appraisal based on fair market value, new price, recent market sales, and any other sources we have at our disposal. As this is an in-person service, we'll contact you regarding details to drop off the firearm to us as well as when to expect to pick it up along with your appraisal report, after you've paid for the service.

You'll get a formal report showing the information you've given us, our estimate of what a private sale should expect to get, what you might expect to get for a trade-in value, and the basis upon which we made those estimates. We'll provide that report including the weapon's serial number (if applicable), any identifying marks, and generally what you'd need to provide to anyone interested in purchasing it, or your insurance agent if that's your desired end result.

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