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Advanced Concealed Carry
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You can view our upcoming scheduled classes on our Facebook Events page.

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Despite what the picture suggests, this is not a "tacti-cool" course. it is an active course, which is to say, it's NOT a classroom course. You'll spend a full day with us at our outdoor range, covering not only the basics of shooting, but also addressing the physics of the actions you can expect to need if you are deploying lethal force. Your instructors bring years' worth of military, LEO, and competitive shooting experience in a format that everyone can understand and learn to use for themselves.

Unlike our Open Enrollment CHL classes, this is a closed class - only limited space will be available. We communicate upcoming classes by sending out email (and posting to our Facebook page) at least a month prior to the class, with details including times and addresses in another follow-up class a week before the class itself.

Course Requirements

  • Ohio CHL (or other concealed carry permit, if you are relocating from a state that issues such)
  • A strong knowledge of the basics of pistol shooting is strongly recommended.
  • A degree of physical ability - you can expect to be on your feet, knees, prone, and other physically strenuous activities. You don't have to be an athlete, but be aware this isn't a couch potato session.

You Will Need

  • Your preferred pistol (ideally, a pistol that you carry on a daily basis)
  • At least 150 rounds for your pistol (we can acquire ammunition if you need it)
  • A holster. (Please note: Serpa holsters will not be permitted in class)
  • Concealment (i.e. an overshirt, jacket, or something that you can use to cover up your firearm as you normally would in public
  • At least two (and ideally, three) magazines for your pistol (or speed reloaders for a revolver)
  • Carrying options for your reload device
  • Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE") - i.e. 'eyes and ears'
  • Sturdy shoes with closed toes
  • Clothing you aren't afraid to get dirty or torn

You Can Expect to Cover

  • Review of Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Review of Use of Deadly Force
  • Drawing from a Holster with and without Concealment
  • Emergency and Tactical Reloading
  • Malfunction Clearing Drills
  • Conflict Avoidance (and WHY)
  • Strong and Weak Hand Shooting
  • Balancing Speed and Accuracy
  • Aimed vs. Point Shooting
  • Close Quarters Engagement
  • Weapon Retention

For a list of suggested materials for students to have with them for this class, please review This List.

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