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NFA Freedom Day
Mfg: 3GuySupply
Mfg Part ID: NFAfreedomDay

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If you've purchased an NFA item and are using us as your SOT dealer, we already give you one NFA Freedom Day with your NFA transfer fee.

This item lets you purchase ADDITIONAL days - which is to say, we will schedule a time to go with you to a local range (within 30 miles of Cincinnati) of your choosing, for up to two (2) hours. Travel time is included in this (please note, we cover the expense of our own fuel to get to the range of your choosing!).

Please note, the cost of this item does NOT include range fees, ammo fees, or anything other than our time to go with you to a local range with the item that we must legally retain in our possession until your tax stamp comes back from the ATF.

3 Guy Supply is not responsible for any damages to your NFA item while it is used by you or parties you authorize for it's use, during a NFA freedom day.

If you have questions, by all means, please Contact Us!

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