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Free Transfers for Life!
Mfg: 3GuySupply

Our Price:




Yeah, sounds crazy, doesn't it?

At $1000, that represents fifty Title I transfers at today's pricing of $20 each.

But wait, there's more! This also includes Title II transfers - if you buy a suppressor, an SBR, SBS, or other NFA item, those transfers are also included in this.

There are, of course, some conditions.

- For individuals only, not businesses
- Good for both Title I and Title II transfers
- All pertinent laws apply, and background checks will be done in accordance with applicable laws
- You must present your Free Lifetime Transfer card (which we will generate and provide to you after payment) at the time of the transfer, or you will need to pay our regular Title I or Title II aka 'NFA'transfer rates, as applicable.

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