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Premier Customer Access Pass
Mfg: 3GuySupply
Mfg Part ID: PremiereAccessPass

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Frustrated about NCIS delays? Tired of waiting while the ATF and FBI get their sh*t together and get NICS back online after (another!) outage?

Want to save a few bucks on transfers?

3 Guy Supply has you covered.

Buying our Premiere Customer Access Pass means we'll use your Ohio CHL for a 4473 validation, rather than doing the full-blown NICS check (please note: this is permitted under both state and federal law).

Of course, we also want you to get max bang for your buck, so we'll include two free Title I Transfers (currently $20 each, for a total value of $40), and a $50 training credit you can use for yourself or someone else (perhaps gifting someone a training class with 3 Guy Supply?).

If you wish to forego the training credit, we will exchange that for ANOTHER two Title I transfers, or a Title II transfer (currently $50 each).

You must present your valid, unexpired Ohio CHL when you take advantage of transfers or assign your training credit.

"Valid" Ohio CHL means that your CHL was issued after March 23, 2015 - which is the date after which all OH CHLs are considered NICS-Compliant.

Please note, for new customers, we reserve the right to run your first transfer through NICS for validation purposes. Subsequent transfers will be done with your CHL as validation instead of NICS.

3 Guy Supply reserves the right to revoke the privilege of using your OH CHL as validation at any time, however, the transfers you are accorded with this program will continue to be yours to use.

Transfers done through this access pass are for the named customer only, and cannot be transferred to any other individual.

Benefits accorded through purchase of this product must be used within one year of purchase, and any un-used benefits will expire one year after purchase.

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