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Practical Carbine/Rifle
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These Classes are capped at 10 students maximum!

You’ve bought a rifle or are getting ready to buy one, and you want more information and familiarity before you pull the trigger – no pun intended. This course will give you a basic overview of the modern sporting rifle (“MSR”, aka the AR-15), as well as experience and training in how it works, why, how to configure it, use it, use it WELL, and use it safely. If you don't have an MSR yet, we're happy to charge you only a nominal fee to 'rent' you one for this class.

This applies equally to rifle and sub-gun (i.e. pistol-caliber carbines), in the event that you are interested in purchasing something functionally similar but different than the AR15. Please note that we WILL be focusing on the AR15 Carbine/Rifle platform for class - please do not bring AR pistols or SBRs.

For this class, you'll need:
- AR15 (or variant), in a carbine or rifle configuration (please, no SBRs or Pistols)
- A maximum of 100 rounds for your carbine/rifle
- At least one magazine
- Eye and Ear protection
- Suitable clothes for range time (no billowy clothes, no open-toed shoes)
- Ideally, your own tools (for minor disassembly/reassembly - but we'll have shop tools available if you don't have your own)

For a list of suggested materials for students to have with them for this class, please review This List.

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