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Tactical Carbine/Rifle
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You can view our upcoming scheduled classes on our Facebook Events page.

These Classes are capped at 10 students maximum!

You already know the basics of how to carry, maintain, and fire your rifle Ė now letís expand that and take you from a defensive posture to an offensive posture.

This is a VERY active class; plan on running/sprinting, moving quickly from upright to kneeling to prone (and vice versa).

This applies equally to rifle and sub-gun (i.e. SBR or pistol-caliber carbines), in the event that you are interested in purchasing something functionally similar but different than the AR15.

This course will provide the student knowledge and experience in advanced manipulation both of the platform while engaging singular and multiple targets, and then knowledge commensurate to a junior armorer regarding maintenance and repair.

You may bring AR Pistols or SBRs to this class; we ask that

For this class, you'll need:
- AR15 (or variant), in a carbine or rifle configuration (or, atlernately SBRs or AR Pistols) with a sling or other retention device
- At least 500 rounds for your carbine/rifle - please, no reloads; new or factory re-man'd loads only
- At least four magazines
- Eye and Ear protection - and ideally, ACTIVE ear protection as we will be shooting quite a bit, and ear pro will stay on for hours at a time
- Suitable clothes for range time (no billowy clothes, no open-toed shoes), and if you wish, knee pads.
- Ideally, your own tools (for minor disassembly/reassembly - but we'll have shop tools available if you don't have your own)
- Magazine Shingle or chest rig to carry all mags (You are welcome to bring plate carriers including armor plates if you wish, but this is not required)

This class requires that each student has already completed the Practical Carbine/Rifle course, or, has demonstrated to the instructor that they possess the knowledge in the course required to effectively learn the material in this course.

For a list of suggested materials for students to have with them for this class, please review This List.

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