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Firearms Familiarization
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Want to know more about guns but scared to ask?

Curious but don't want to ask the neighbor because you might be embarassed?

We can help! 3 Guy Supply's partners have lifetimes of experience handling firearms and teaching others about them in a safe, non-judgemental way.

In this ~2 hour session, we'll talk about:

  • A review of basic safety rules and an explanation of why they're important
  • A discussion about different kinds of firearms (and we bring along an assortment to demonstrate, first-hand)
  • Hands-on demonstration of safe handling in accordance with the basic safety rules (where you can actually touch and experiment with firearms, without live ammunition)
  • Discussion about "Hollywood" guns, vs "real life" guns (and boy, is there a big difference!)
  • Live-Fire at a range - of your choice, at your cost, or, you can go with us to one of our preferred shooting ranges where we can leverage our membership to cover the costs of range time.

The whole session is judgement-free and the whole point is to answer any questions you may have, give you a comfort level with handling and shooting firearms, and to do so in an environment that won't leave you feeling embarassed or stupid. Everyone, 3 Guy Supply partners included, were beginners at some point, and we'd like to help you enjoy firearms like we do!

Scheduling of this session is dependent on instructor availability, and will be coordinated after you have paid for the class fee.

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