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The Q Course
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You asked for it, we provide it!

Few ranges anymore allow you to shoot after drawing from the holster. Generally, NO range lets you shoot from one location and then move to another location and shoot.

No range that we're aware of, offers the ability to time and measure and score yourself with local, state, and national metrics.

Now? 3 Guy Supply does.

Our Q (short for 'qualification') course will take you through a test run, and then a 'live' run, of the FBI qualification shoot, the OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) qualification shoot, and the IDPA classifier.

Students should bring 350 rounds with them to class, as well as the equipment they normally use while carrying their pistol. If you choose, you can bring an OWB ("Outside Waist Band") holster, although we generally recommend that you shoot the same way that you otherwise carry.

Please note: safety equipment (eye and ear protection, closed-toe shoes, and non-billowy clothes) are required, in addition to your firearm, holster, and at least two magazines)

The Q course will start out with a basic range safety briefing, and then we'll walk you through how these qualification courses work, why, and then... then we'll get into the shooting!

By the time we're done, you'll have done each shoot twice, and you'll leave with the targets from each course of fire. Further? We'll make sure that before you go home with your new poster, we'll score and attest each of your targets.

A maximum of 10 students will be accepted for each session of this course.

This course will be announced through the FaceBook Events section of our page there.

While 3 Guy Supply will administer and score the qualification, these scores are for your personal knowledge and convey no endorsement nor certification from the relevant entities.

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