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Street Rescue's mission is to help our community avoid un-necessary and accidental deaths that occur through the use of a firearm.

This means taking the tools away before criminals get their hands on them, or disposing of so that innocent children cannot use them.

Street Rescue was created with the goal of getting unwanted firearms out of our community before they can fall into the wrong hands.

Street Rescue reaches out to citizens to turn over unwanted firearms in a format that has come to be known as the “Firearm buy back”. In short, a program to get UNWANTED FIREARMS out of our community. We will be exchanging gift cards for the FIREARMS that are turned in. Please understand; in an effort to make sure the funds will not be used for alcohol, tobacco or other unhealthy items, we will be issuing gift cards that are good for wholesome items that will not add fuel to the problems in our society.

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